How To Decorate a Column In The Living Room

Decorate a column in the middle of the room and enhance the beauty of your room. I know sometimes an empty column in the middle of a room looks weird. If you have any plan to remove it then please don’t do it. The columns are an important part of any building structures and it holds the weight of your building.

Here you will get to know some smart ideas to decorate a column of your room and give your room a cool look.

1. Making Shelves Around The Column

Installing shelves will make a column look beautiful as well as useful. You can use shelves for books or for other stuff. Shelves look good on any shape on the column. It does not matter if it is round or square. But if you are doing it on your own then installing a shelf on a round shape column is a little difficult.

2. Decor Column By Turn a Column Into a Mirror

The Mirror column gives a classic look to your room. It looks beautiful when you see a reflection of your room in a mirror. It’s hard to install a mirror on a round shape pillar so I suggest only installing a mirror if you have square columns in your room. You can use small mirror frames as well if you are not interested to cover the entire column with the mirrors.

3. Decorate Column By With Wallpapers

Wallpaper is an easy and low-cost idea but a very attractive one. There are different colors and designs in wallpapers. Wooden texture wallpaper is a good idea if you like woodwork in the room. Also, you can also install shelves as well on wallpaper. Otherwise only wallpaper will do the work. Colour contrast is very important. I suggest, if you have light color walls then use dark color wallpaper on the column, vice versa.

4. Artificial Hanging Leaves In Columns

What about covering columns with greenery? I think it’s a smart idea. You can easily get hanging leaves in different shapes and sizes. Also, you can use plants around the column. It’s a very useful design idea for the column either it is square or round.

5. Wall Lamp Decor In The Columns

Wall lamps are available in markets in huge ranges and at different prices.  It helps to design a column in your room and gives more light options to your room as well. If you have an electric switch connection on the column then a highly recommend using a wall lamp. Otherwise, you will need an electrician to it for you.

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6. Use Decoration Items For Your Columns

There are different options in decoration items to design the column. You can use painting, woven wall hanging, or written quotes. Also, you can use your own hand made stuff to display it on the column.

7. Use Wooden Wall Trellis To Decorate Room Column

Wooden wall trellis comes in different shapes and sizes. You can only use a trellis or you can use other staff and hang on a trellis like a leaf bail etc. You can also paint wooden wall trellis and then install it on the column.

8. Photo Frame Column

What about making your columns a photo frame display? I am sure you have memories which are in pictures now it’s time to display them. Have some frames of different sizes and use your pictures in them and display it around the column.


These are the most valuable ideas to decorate a column in the middle of the room. Take out your favorite and use it in your home. These ideas go well in any size of room or column. Just remember, some ideas are only for some specific shape of the column. For example, it’s hard to install a mirror around the round shape column. Otherwise, most of the ideas go well to any shape and size of the column. I hope my ideas are useful to decorate your column.