weight loss ear piercings chart

Weight loss ear piercings chart

Obesity has become one of the deadliest problems in today’s world. Each person suffering from this disease is now looking for an easy and fastest solution to this problem. As is the case with this, people are now considering Daith and Tragus Piercing as a probable solution. But before hopping into any such thing, one needs to investigate the subject matter correctly, particularly the pros and cons of Weight Loss Ear Piercings.

Our article will guide you about how you can lose weight using Daith and Tragus Piercing, or either if it is helpful or not in this circumstance. Before that, we’ll provide you the complete apprehension and awareness about what Daith and Tragus piercing is? How are they done? What can they lead to? And all other engrossing queries that you must be eager to know. So please stay connected with our article for all fun facts and cognizance.

What Is Daith Piercing?

Before heading towards further details, it is vital to know the exact location of the Daith piercing. Daith is considered the innermost fold or the cartilage of the ear. Daith piercing is the puncture through that fold, outside the ear auditory meatus, or more commonly, the auditory canal.

How is Piercing Done?

Whether Daith or Tragus piercing or any other, all types of piercing are done in the same style or pattern, going through the same steps and procedure might be through a sharp needle or a staple gun.

  • First, the targeted region is wiped off from dirt or other pathogenic organisms to avoid infection after piercing.
  • Next, a sharp needle, or more commonly a staple gun, is being used, and the specific area is carefully pierced.
  • A small, sterilized earing is inserted through the piercing so that it may not close with time.
  • It is then treated with proper precautions till it becomes permanent.

Are Ear Piercings Painful?

If you puncture any region of your skin, it will surely hurt for a short period, but the pain relieves as time passes by. The same is the case with Daith and Tragus piercing. It initially hurts a little or more, but the pain vanishes as the pierce becomes permanent.

Principle For Working of Daith Piercing:

Daith piercing works on a Chinese invented principle of “Acupuncture.” Afraid of this new word? Nothing to worry about, as we will clear each query as the article proceeds.

Acupuncture is a procedure of inserting skinny needles through the skin, through absolute pressure or strategic points, for weight loss, pain relief, and other problems.

You have a whole arsenal of pressure points in your ear that can be stimulated to alleviate obesity. Think of your ear as a temple for all the pressure points that acupuncturists use to reduce weight.

Many nerves around this part of the body make it an ideal spot for shredding like those extra pounds, as acupuncturists and other holistic healers have found out over time by experimenting with different techniques on themselves or their clients! It simply works by the vagus nerve stimulation.

How is Acupuncture Related To Weight Loss?

You must have been wondering why I have mentioned acupuncture here? Then the answer is quite simple. 

Acupuncture enables such neurological stimulations that reduce your fed state and appetite. Simultaneously, less appetite means you don’t feel like eating more. Since you consume fewer nutrients, your body starts to use its preserved fats and carbohydrates for energy provision. Therefore, leading to weight loss since no extra fats are kept within your body. It seems pretty interesting!

In this way, Daith piercing helps reduce weight and decrease the risks of obesity.

Pros And Cons Of Daith Piercing:

Everything has a brighter as well as a darker perspective in contrast. So is the case with Daith piercing. Let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages on the go.

Advantages Of Daith Piercing:

  • You can achieve your dream figure by the principle of acupuncture.
  • Not only this, but it also helps relieve pain and headaches.
  • Migraine can be cured through Daith piercing.
  • It also becomes a source of beauty by wearing ear ointments.
  • It releases anxiety and stress.
  • It can improve the quality of life if done correctly.
  • Procedure is quite simple and easy.

Disadvantages Of Daith Piercing:

  • Can cause severe pain if not handled properly.
  • Since staple guns are being used, it is pretty expensive.
  • Can cause severe infections if not treated with proper hygiene.
  • If unsterilized or used needles are used, this can lead to diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, HIV, etc., which is a severe life threat.
  • If not applied to proper pressure points, it is unnecessary except wearing ornaments or fashion.
  • It can take as long as 4-12 months to heal or more, or it may heal never.

So till now, you must have become pretty familiar with the term Daith piercing, along with its procedure, location, and pros and cons. now, let us look over another alternative for this cause, Tragus Piercing.

What Is Tragus Piercing?

Tragus is the flap-like region outside the outer lobe of the ear. It is a tongue-like structure on the outer ear that protects the passage to the inner organs of the ear. Tragus piercing is punching through that fleshy part.

Tragus Piercing: An Alternative To Daith Piercing:

Tragus piercing is a proper alternative to Daith piercing. To know how it is done, you can refer to the previous section of this article on the Chinese principle of acupuncture, as it works on the same phenomenon by controlling cravings and hunger issues. Further, its pros and cons are similar to that of Daith piercing. So if you are done with Daith piercing, you surely know the rest about Tragus piercing.


There is no proper scientific investigation or proof for Daith or Tragus piercing as a cure for obesity, but its neurological stimulation explains this problem logically. Not only obesity, but these stimulations also prove that piercing not only cures obesity but also helps to relieve migraines, stress, anxiety, and other headaches by applying deep piercings to these pressure points.

People Also Ask For:

  • How does Daith piercing release stress?

Answer: It is a fun fact that when the vagus nerve is stimulated through Daith piercings, it releases endorphins, which is an emotional hormone, and thus in this way, it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

  • What is Acupuncture?

Answer: Acupuncture is a tried-and-true procedure that has been around for centuries. It’s just inserting needles into specific points on the body, hopefully relieving pain by balancing energy in your system – but it also relieves other ailments like headaches or obesity.

  • Can a Daith or Tragus piercing relieve Migraines?

Answer: Acupuncture has been used to relieve migraine headache pain for centuries. A theory is that piercing this trigger point (Daith or Tragus) can permanently stop your migraines, so it’s an excellent place to get hit with the jeweler’s tool.

  • Is there any scientific proof or research supporting Daith piercing as pain treatment?

Answer: Though some people with migraine say they’ve experienced relief from their symptoms after getting a Daith piercing, the only evidence that supports this is purely anecdotal, and there’s no research to back up such an idea.