Christmas door decor ideas

5 Front Christmas Door Decor Contest Ideas

Welcome, here you will get 5 front door decorating idea for the contest. Firstly, you must know the importance of any door. Therefore, you will be more motivated to decorate your front door with our ideas.

The door is the first thing we face while entering any place. That is why the importance of the door becomes very high. Normally, we do not notice doors because they are just normal doors.

From now any door will not be just a normal door. There you will get the best ideas to decorate any door for different occasions.  So let’s begin.

Front Door Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas door decoration

Let’s start with the Christmas door. I know you all going to welcome some guests, friends, family, and more importantly the Santa. While Christmas time, you can get a lot of decoration stuff from the market which you can use to decorate. Here are some ideas.

A very simple and classic way to design the front door for Christmas is to use greenery. Let’s start with stairs, have some small Christmas plants, and put these on the stairs on both sides. Now come to the facing of the door, take a large leaf bail and cover the front door facing. And at last, make a heart shape or round shape leaf circle and write Christmas wishes on it. You can use stems to make any shape you want on doors.

After doing all these use your spare things in-house. For example, you can use a red ribbon. Red goes well with green. Also, you can use colorful lights and cover leaf bail.

Christmas Door Decoration

Here comes any door decoration for Christmas. There we have more stuff for the decoration. If you have friends and kids to treat them then make a beautiful basket and put some candies and chocolates in it so anyone who is going to enter the door will have his own treat.

Using Christmas bells to decorate is a good idea but guess what I have a better idea. What about share writings on the door? Of course, you have something to wish the people on Christmas. Thus, write wishes on the door. You can use a small chalkboard cover with ribbons and bells.

Christmas door decor ideas

Door decoration For Classroom

Are you in a competition to decorate the door of your classroom? Let’s discuss some great ideas so you can win the competition and if there is no competition you will still get more appreciation than others.

Classroom doors are special and you are going to miss these doors after school. Make some memories with the door. Hey! There comes an idea related to memory. You must have pictures with your friends or you have groups which have different names why not to use these to decorate your classroom door. Also, you can make a tree and write the names of your class students on leaves.

Office Door Decorating

The office door must be inspiring and motivated. The office is the place where we spend the second most time after our home so you can say it’s our second home. But yes, I know sometimes offices can be very hard places because of targets and etc. After knowing all this, I have great ideas

The office door must be motivated and at the same time enjoyable. Thus, you see the door, and there comes a smile on your face. Now for that, call your office staff and ask what they want. Each will have something related to him on the door.

You can have a puzzle on the office door. Therefore, all the office staff will have an activity to do in the office and door decoration as well.

An inspirational quote is an old idea but a very healthy one. What about making little changes to it? Ask your staff to come up with their own creative inspirational quote and write on the door with his or her name.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Everyone wants their door most unique and scary on Halloween. Let’s discuss what you can do to decorate your door on Halloween. A very simple way to decorate is to take yellow strips and write on it DO NOT ENTER IT SCARY OR DANGEROUS.

Okay here I have another idea, make eyes and monster teethe on the door. If it is not enough then use a scary hair wig.

One more idea, make a bat shape on the door and write something scary with red ink. Also, you can use costumes and other Halloween materials to decorate your door.


So these were the 5 door decoration ideas for the contest even its Halloween, Christmas, or just a normal door decoration. I hope you are going to utilize these ideas and make your front doors special.