how to fold blankets to save space

How To Fold Blankets To Save Space

Blankets are our best friend on winter nights but later in the morning, it’s hard to fold them and make space for them. Therefore, we come up with some solutions for you. Now folding and displaying your blankets will be easy and it will save space as well.

When we talk about folding blankets some solutions come to mind naturally, for example, rolling a blanket and blanket organizer ideas. We will use these natural solutions and make it easy for you to store or blanket display.

How to fold blankets to save space?

Let’s start with our folding solution. While folding a blanket, make sure, it must not look bulky. How to do that? Let’s discuss it in the following points. Furthermore, you can use these points and learn how to fold comforters to save space as well.

  1. Make your blanket even. And put it on a flat surface. In that way, you can easily fold your blanket and remove blanket wrinkles as well.
  2. Take the corners of your blanket and make the first fold. And remove wrinkles again and make it even.
  3. Removing wrinkles are very important. It will help keep your fold even and clean. Also, without wrinkles, your blanket will fold in a non-bulky way which will help to save space.
  4. Now, take your folded blanket from the middle and give it another fold. After each fold put your blanket on a flat surface and remove wrinkles and make it balance.
  5. Keep folding your blanket according to your storage space. You can give many folds to a compact blanket but it depends on your storage space. So fold according to your space. There you are done and ready to store your blanket.

Rolling up Your Blanket

Roll up blankets are easy but there are some techniques to make a perfect blanket roll pack. Read the following points to roll up a blanket perfectly.

  1. Take the corners of your blanket so it opens. If there is any wrinkle you can shake it. Now put it on a flat surface.
  2. Now tuck your blanket 1 foot estimated from the top. If your blanket is in a square shape, you can tuck and underneath any side of the blanket.
  3. Make the folds, here you can make more or less fold it depends on the size of your blanket. But three folds are good for any standard size blanket. Make sure all the folds are the same in size and wrinkles free.
  4. Here comes the rolling part, roll up the blanket but make it straight and tight.
  5. Now the place where you tuck the blanket will look like a pocket after rolling the blanket covers it with the tucked part of your blanket.
  6. Now your blanket is rolled and it will not untangle.
  7. Now keep your big blanket in any small corner. In this way, a blanket can fit in your wardrobe. It will just need a small place or you can carry your blanket in your luggage as well.

Decorative blanket storage ideas

Let’s discuss some amazing ideas to decorate blanket storage.

1. Make a ladder

A ladder is a wonderful idea to hang a blanket. There are ready-made leaders available in the market or you can make your own simple one. Also, you can paint a ladder as well. Thus, you can hang as many blankets as you want. It will look like an art piece and it can be used for large blanket storage.

2. Make a basket for your blankets

Basket is a DIY blanket storage idea. You can use any basket as blanket storage. Find any spare iron or wooden basket and use it as storage of your blankets. That way,, you can decorate the basket as well. My favorite baskets for blankets are cotton rope baskets and wicker baskets.

3. A bench

A bench with different colors not only look good but can be used as a storage place for blankets. Utilize any rod or wooden bench and put there your folded or rolled blankets.

4. A blanket shelf

A blanket shelf is one of my favorite ideas. We all have shelves in our home. Use any of a spare shelf or make one shelf space for your blankets. A blanket shelf is a very useful idea to store blankets and decorate shelves as well.

5. Use side tables

Side tables can be a good storage for blankets. You can roll up your blankets and put them in your side table draw. Side table draws are often used for different purposes but for winter it can be your blanket storage.

Living room blanket storage ideas

how to fold blankets to save space
how to fold blankets to save space

Our blanket storage living room ideas are good for any size of living room. And it will not mess up the look of your living room. In Fact, our ideas to store a blanket in a living room will enhance the beauty of your living room as well.

  • Set a wicker basket near to the couch

A wicker basket will not take much place and it can take two to three blankets in it. Near to a couch can be a perfect place for a blanket basket. Anyone on the couch can easily take out the blanket from the basket and cover oneself in winters.

  • Use the empty space under the table

We all use tables in our living rooms even if it is small or big, it can be used as a blanket storage living room. Also, you can make a box under the table which can be used as a blanket basket.

  • Use a classic lidded laundry hamper

A classic lidded laundry hamper can be a perfect blanket basket for the living room. It is used for many purposes but here I have a perfect purpose, to use it as blanket storage in a living room. I personally like lidded hampers; they are easily available in different sizes and look beautiful as well.

  • Display blanket on the side of a couch

A single blanket does not require a storage shelf or basket. You can simply set it on the side of a couch. Also, you can hang the folded blanket backside of a couch. Or just place it on the side table for winter.

  • Use living room shelf to store blankets

If you have a spare shelf in your living room then you can utilize this shelf as blanket storage. Folded blankets look good on shelves. If there is no spare shelf then I would suggest you install a blanket holder in the living room, it looks good and gives you an option to hang blankets and different winter fabrics.

Displaying a Throw Blanket

A throw blanket can be displayed in different styles but it depends where you are displaying it. Here you will see all possible blanket display ideas to display a throw blanket on a bed, sofa, and chair.

  • Display throw blanket on a bed

A bed is an object where we use a blanket most of the time especially while sleeping. So the decoration of a throw blanket on a bed is very important. First thing first, throw blankets keep us warm but many times these blankets only use for decoration. The best way to decorate a throw blanket on a bed is to drape a throw blanket on the foot side of a bed. Also, you can make a long tail fold and display it in the middle of a bed.

  • Display throw blanket on a sofa

Simply, drape a blanket on a sofa will look good. Also, you can hang a throw blanket on the back of a sofa. There are many ways to display a blanket on a sofa. You can fold the blanket and set it on the side of a sofa as well.

  • Display throw blanket on a chair

On the chair, my favorite throw blanket display is a folded throw blanket on the back of a chair. There are other displays for chairs as well. For example, a folded throw blanket on the seat of a chair and folded throw blanket on a footrest.

These are some of the most beautiful and useful throw blanket displays for bed, chair, and sofa. You can use any of your favorites. Or I would suggest trying different things each day it will give a new look to your place every day.

Best way to store comforters or blankets

There can be many ways to store blankets but we got the best out of it in the following.

Blanket storage bins

Any basket can be a blanket storage bin but a Lidded laundry hamper is the best blanket storage bin for me. Because it not only looks good but also gives you a lot of space. Also, any laundry basket can be a blanket storage bin.

Blanket storage cabinet

Cabinets always are a good option for any storage. I will recommend you the cabinet option if you have a lot of blankets to store. Otherwise, only a basket can do the job. But still, cabinets are a good option for long-term storage. But remember, whenever you are storing comforters or any other stuff make sure they are dry and clean. Otherwise, when you take it out for next use it will be smelly.

Blanket holder

A blanket holder is a unique and very useful way to store blankets. Usually, we heard holders and hangers for clothes but yes there are hangers for blankets as well. You can set a blanket holder anywhere in your home and display a blanket. Blanket holders can be a very good winter season decoration idea.

Metal blanket basket

A wire metal blanket baskets are very good looking and good for fabric storing like blankets and comforters. Because air can pass easily through wire metal baskets, the fabric remains fresh and not smelly.

Round blanket basket

Round shape cotton rope baskets are very beautiful and easily available in different colors in markets. Not only that, it is a very useful storage option for any fabric especially pillows, clothes, blankets, and comforters.

Andros sliding trunk

Andros sliding trunk is not only a trunk it can be used as a table or a decoration piece. As its name shows, it has a sliding top that opens and you can store anything inside it. It is a good option for storing comforters and blankets as well as other stuff.

Blanket shelf

Shelves make walls very useful. We can decorate shelves with blankets as well. Rolled and folded blankets or comforters look good on the shelf. And it is a DIY solution; we all have shelves in our home then why not use them to store blankets.

Blanket ladder Walmart

A blanket ladder is available in different stores around the world. It is available at Walmart as well. A blanket ladder will not only store your blankets but will be used as a decoration in your home. It is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Modern blanket rack

Blanket racks are mostly in two different styles: first free-standing and second wall rack. They both look awesome and useful for any fabric hanging. These are available in wooden and metal stuff. You can buy whichever one you like according to your need. Also, these are available in many colors and shapes.

Blanket holders

There are different types of blanket holders but my favorite one is Winsome Wood Eleanor. It is available on Walmart and Amazon as well. It is a very useful gadget to store blankets and comforters.

Throw blanket hangers

Throw blanket hangers are just like cloth hangers. You can install it anywhere in your home. It looks good as well as a very useful way to store throw blankets.


Now you know How to fold blankets to save space. Blankets are the oldest gadget of winter but no doubt it is the best one. If you still find any problem or have any questions write back, we will be happy to reply to you and find solutions for you.