modern christmas tree

Modern Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Winter is almost here and so is the festive season. But all the celebrations and festivities are incomplete without a contemporary Christmas tree. Are you undecided yet about how to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Worry not! We are here to help you with our top modern Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Holiday season is full of excitement and interesting events. There are get-together, parties, dates and family dinners. Becoming cosy near the fire place with your favourite hot drink and snuggling in the blanket with your pets are some of the things everyone is looking forward to. We suggest you to prepare your house for Christmas as well as prepare your house for winter too.

Modern Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Pick One Colour

For the festive occasion of Christmas, we take green colour as an obvious one. Now all you have to do is pick one colour of your choice to decorate with alongside the green.

For instance, you chose red or gold colour, then put all the modern Christmas tree ornaments of that same one colour. Put all the decorations of the same chosen colour. This monochromatic look will give your house a modern look. And in this way your Christmas decorations will look chic and contemporary.

one color christmas tree

Scandinavian Inspired

Choose a sparser looking Christmas tree to start with this Scandinavian inspired Christmas tree. This simple and minimalist style will satiate your demand for unique Christmas tree. Keep it simple and elegant by adding some statement ornaments. You can add more festive look to it by adding red accent.

Keep It Neutral

If you really want people to have a look at your Christmas tree modern then staying in neutral tines is the best idea for decorating Christmas tree. Neutral Christmas decorations will help you keep your house look soft and cosy.

Also choose your gift wrappings according to your neutral color scheme.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is another great idea to have easy modern Christmas tree. This idea is also a budget friendly idea because you can use all the Christmas ornaments and modern Christmas tree toppers that you already have!

Create the color blocking effect by putting ornaments from dark shades to lighter ones or vice versa. This makes your modern xmas tree look really organized and cohesive.

Add Metallic

Difficult to resolve about what type of modernist Christmas tree you want? Go for some sparkling metallic Christmas decorations. Gold and silver always looks timeless for Christmas tree decor. But you can step up your game by taking the chance of trying rose gold or copper decors for metal Christmas tree modern this time.

metal christmas tree


An Ombre tree is a great choice to decorate your modern Christmas trees in a non-traditional way. Coordinate your ornaments and Christmas tree toppers accordingly to enhance the beauty of ombre tree.

You can put it as your modern farmhouse Christmas tree too.It will definitely add a classic look to your place.

White Christmas Tree

Christmas is the season associated it snow. It is very hard, almost impossible to imagine a non snowy Christmas eve. Bring this cliché indoors by putting an elegant looking white Christmas tree.

White Christmas tree also gives you so many options to play with while it comes to putting the ornaments and decorations.

white christmas tree

Final Say

Christmas is one of the most important and most awaited occasion of the year. Everyone wants to share joy and happiness. Just like Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving decorations, Christmas Decorations are also very important. Decorating a modern Christmas tree is an activity equally loved by adults and kids both. Our ideas for the modern Christmas tree decor will surely assist you in decorating your house this year.