DIY Cartoon Smile Decorations For Halloween

DIY Cartoon Smile Decorations For Halloween

Halloween is an event full of fun and excitement. These DIY Halloween Decorations adorned with different type of Cartoon smile will make this day even more fantastic for kids and grownups too.

Especially kids wait for this day the whole year because there is dressing up, meeting the friends and family, Halloween treats and above all there is Halloween candy that is not available in other months of the year.

Let us discuss easy and unique Halloween home decors with a variety of Cartoon Smile to play with.

Types of Cartoon Smile For Halloween Home Decor

SpongeBob Smile

Kids and adults love Sponge bob. You can make easy banners by printing Sponge Bob big smile on it and engage the kids by letting them colour it. You can also have Halloween table decorations with SpongeBob smiling at Squidward or SpongeBob and Patrick smiling.

Cute Cartoon Smile

Add some cuteness to the spooky day of Halloween by adding cute smile cartoon balloons or ghost. You can also draw beautiful smile cartoons on mason jars.  Or you also have the option to draw cute cartoon smile on pumpkins and add candy in them.


cute cartoon smile


Big Smile Cartoon

A big teeth smile cartoon can brighten up anyone’s day. Draw cartoons with big smiles on banners, balloons or pumpkins and place them outdoor, or in your yard or garden that you just have updated for fall, everyone will love this hearty welcome on a scary Halloween day.

Emoticon Cartoon

Emoticon Cartoons are always in trend in 2020 even if it is for Halloween. Use cartoon emoji Balloons to hang and cheer up your place. You can draw tattoos or do face painting of Smurf emoji, poop emoji cartoon, SpongeBob Squarepants emoji, adventure time emoji, Cartoon smiley face, Tom and Jerry cartoon and these is an endless list you can choose from.

Cartoon Evil Smile

Evil smile cartoon will complement with the mischievous theme of Halloween perfectly. Draw these evil cartoon smiles on your face masks and consequently keep yourself safe from Covid in a playful way.


cartoon evil smile


Cartoon Sun Smiling

Add some sun to the dark spooky decorations of Halloween this year and make your house look unique. Carve smiling sun cartoon out of pumpkins and light them up with candles. As a result your decor will surely look amazing and eye-catching.

Final Say

Halloween is definitely a spooky event and demand lots of scary stuff like bats, spiders and cobwebs. But you have the choice to break the stereotypes. So blend these above mentioned cartoon smile themed decorations with other spooky decors to make kids happy this Halloween. Do not forget to take precautionary measures and celebrate Halloween safely this year.