how to prepare your house for winter

How To Prepare Your House For Winter Time

Winter is coming and in some parts of the world it is already cold enough for fall. Everyone is thinking how to get ready for winter time? Houses need attention too, just like people if they are ignored for a longer period of time they become a mess that is too chaotic to handle. Fall is the best time to check your house and find damages for maintenance.

In this way you can prepare your house for winter just in time. Here we are giving you a winter check list recommended by professionals to prepare your house for winter.

Checklist To Have While Prepping For Winter

Prepare For Snow Removal

It is not really wise to look for or a snow blower once you are already covered in the white blanket of snow. You must fire up your snow blower right now and check it if it works properly. If not then repair it before the snow storm hits, have snow checks. Also check the inventory of your salt and your shovel. We all know no one is going to get a shovel once the snow starts to fall.


snow removal


Check Your Heating System

Imagine your furnace is not working on a frigid winter day and you are stuck in your cold house. If  you want to avoid any inconvenience then check your heating system before hand and change the filters. Proper maintenance can make your system go for a longer period of time. Call a professional contractor to maintain your heating system while you are getting ready for fall.


heating system

Take Care Of Exterior Wood

Textured wood that is surrounding your Windows and doors it’s pretty quickly if not taken proper care. When you are preparing home for winter, repairing it is a big cost and pain for homeowners. The best solution is not let it damage at the first place. It is possible by properly painting and caulking it. In this way it is sealed and it would not damaged by the severe winter season.


replace window trim

Check the Drainage

Check for any loss spot around your foundation if there is any it can cause the water to pool up there. Simply fill up the space with some soil. Don’t use saturated soil as it gets frozen and thawed throughout the winter. while prepping for winter check your rain drainage too and make sure the water is getting moved away from the house and there is no hindrance.

drain cleaning

Clean the Gutters

Overflowing gutter can cause havoc. It can damage your basement, foundation, porch and much more than you can imagine. Make gutter cleaning the essential part of winter cleaning. Don’t let the fallen leaves pile up in your gutter. Because fallen leaves or any other garbage can cause your gutter to backup and overflow.


gutter cleaning


Clean the Chimney

Before you start to imagine the cozy sit ups with a mug of coffee beside your fireplace in coming winter you should have it inspected and cleaned properly. Without sweeping it before the next use can cause so many health and maintenance issues. Also inspect the roof around the chimney from outside. Make sure you are protecting furnace vent from snow.




Stock Up On Firewood

This is the most appropriate time to order that pile of firewood that you will need in the freezing season. Even if you are really busy, take out some time and arrange a generous supply of wood and store it securely at some rot proof place of your house.

If you have any old stock of wood, also check it. If it is rotten and of no use move it away from your house to make some space for fresh wood and as a result this winter will be much more hassle free.


firewood stock


Inspect the Trees

Take a look at the tress around your house before all of the leaves are fallen. Make sure they are healthy and would not fall on your winter house or any neighbour’s house because of some snowstorm or thunderstorm. Remove the dead trees before they cost you serious problem.

tree fallen


Keep the Attic Safe From Critters

In winter it is going to be really cold outside, even for animals and birds. A warm house in the snow will be their favourite place. Make certain these squirrels, bats and birds do not make a permanent residence in your attic. It can cause damage to your property and health as well.

Make sure that your gable vents are intact. Seal and secure all the holes and openings in your house to prevent any critters from entering.

critters in attic


Final Say

Winter is surely a challenging season in so many areas of the world. if we prepare ourselves at the right time then we can safe ourselves from chaos. Taking the decision of renovation and maintenance of the house at the right time is very important. Our given winter tips for home owners are recommended by pros and you can safe yourself from painful burden and big costs of repairs this winter by simply following our tips.