12 Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas That Are Anything But Ordinary

Thanksgiving is a traditional family festivity. It needs to be a little extra perfect when it comes to decorating the table for the traditional family dinner.

Here, we are giving you 12 extraordinary table decor ideas that you must follow to impress your friends and family this year.

Chic Table Decor Ideas That You Must Know

Let Your Crockery Talk

Yes you read it right, crockery can do the talking! Thanksgiving is all about food and feast so the table must look amazing. Put the plates and crockery with turkey printed on them and they will look so festive.



Incorporate Turkey Decor

Turkey and other traditional dishes are something without which Thanksgiving sounds incomplete. A little turkey in the table decoration would not hurt but do not overdo the things. A sequined or leafy turkey ornament will surely give everyone the Thanksgiving vibes.

turkey ornament


Go for Exotic Chinoiserie Accents

Try some exotic Chinoiserie accents to make your dinner table look chic this Thanksgiving. Hand painted Chinoserie pumpkins look lovely and perfectly sits with the festive aura. These beautifully decorated dinner pieces will make your meal look sumptuous.

chinoiserie dinnerware


Re-purpose A Wreath

Wreaths are not always to be hung on the doors. Repurpose an autumn themed wreath by putting it on your dinner table. You can put a candle, vase, cake stand etc in the centre and as a result you will get a majestic centre piece ready to rock.

re-purpose wreath


Play With Colours

Yellow, orange, red and browns strike the mind instantly when one thinks of Thanksgiving decoration. But adding some other shades like green, purple and turquoise will add a whole new look to your decor.

play with colors


Get Creative with Pumpkins

As Thanksgiving is related to autumn harvest so pumpkins look very appropriate when used in for decor. Mini decorated pumpkins when put on a dinner table looks really adorable.

little pumpkins creative


Choose Autumnal Dinnerware

Colour scheme is everything when you are decorating a dinner table. Choose autumnal hues for your dinnerware set to put your guests in Thanksgiving mood instantly.

autumnal dinnerware


Include Fresh Fruit

To complement the harvest season of autumn you can add fresh produce to your dinner table just like pumpkins or apples. You can also add any other fruit of your choice if you like.

fresh fruits on table


Opt for Patterned Napkins

Choose patterned or embroidered napkins to level up the game of your dinner table effortlessly. Put them diagonally in your festive plates to add more flare and elegance.

patterned napkin


Let Your Candles Be the Star

Candles add a romantic and luxurious feeling to any meal especially the dinner. Let your candles be the star of your table. Choose elegant candle holders that fit with your theme perfectly.

let the candles be the star


Add Bold Napkin Rings

Add bold and seasonal designs of napkins rings to your table. Choosing autumnal shades or gold colour is always a good idea for this traditional occasion.

napkin with ring



Be Infallible with White and Green

White and green combination is so festive, chic and timeless. When you have doubts about choosing a colour theme, and then always go for white and green combo. This combo gives a modern look to your table that appeal close to nature.

white and green decor


Final Say

Thanksgiving is all about family festivities and having hearty meals together. Do not be shy to try out what your heart says about decorating your dinner table. Go for our above mentioned tips and your table will already look one step ahead of others.