Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Everyone wants to celebrate the once-a-year occasions like Halloween to the fullest. Are you looking for cheap and easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas for your home? Buying attractive spooky stuff and costumes is fun but it puts some extra burden on your pocket.

Doing things yourself doubles the joy of celebration plus it will keep you safe from the hazard of contacting the deadly virus this year.

Here are our top DIY Halloween decoration ideas that are light on your pocket and will give you a chance to spend quality fun time with your friends and family this Halloween.

DIY Budget Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas

DIY Spooky Hand Sanitizer

As there is a chance of contact with others while celebrating Halloween so make sure you have ample sanitizers for yourself and your visitors. Make hand sanitizing full of excitement by making them spooky. Likewise, you can put artificial eyeballs in the bottles or just draw scary stuff on them with marker colours.

spooky hand sanitizer

DIY Paper bats

Paper bats are super easy to make and they give the best frightening look to have around for Halloween. Cut out the bat outline and bend the wings a little to give them a 3D look and they are ready to scare your visitors.

diy paper bats


Decorative Halloween Skulls

Skulls are spooky themselves but you can make them scarier and decorative by painting them with glitter paints or simple paints.

painted skulls

DIY Spooky Branch Centre Piece

Take dry tree branches, real or artificial it is your choice, and spray paint them in black. Attach scary little spiders (artificial duh!), dry leaves or whatever you want and your creepy centre piece is ready.

spoky centre piece

DIY Paper Spider Webs

Take some paper or sheet (of black or of any colour you like) and cut spider webs out of them. Hang them around along with DIY paper spiders or other artificial spiders and as a result your house will look ready for Halloween.


diy spider web


DIY Halloween Village

You can make your own little Halloween village. It will look chic yet scary and give your house a unique spooky look. Take bird houses of different shapes and sizes and paint them in dark colours like black, grey etc.


halloween village

Monster Jars

Add zing to your Halloween treat table with DIY Monster jars. They are so easy to make. Take mason jars and draw amusing or spooky faces on them. Put candy in them and they are ready to rock.

masion jars for halloween


Spooky Halloween Candles

Candles help to create the spooky Halloween vibes easily. Make them more enchanting by decorating the candles in a spooky way.

scary candles


Glow in Dark Halloween Clings

By saying the word Halloween spiders, bats, ghosts and darkness comes to our mind. You can light up the darkness by hanging glow in the dark spooky clings.

glow in dark clings


Ghost Balloons

Ghost balloons are very convenient to make. Just fill up the balloons and draw eyes and open mouth on them and ghost balloons are ready. Place them outside or inside your house in addition to some other scary Halloween decoration items to give it a celebratory look.


ghost balloons


Pumpkin Candy Holder

Decorate pumpkins and make them candy holders. Pumpkin candy holders with add an extra energy to your Halloween candy table and kids will be happy too as a result.

pumpkin candy holder


Washi Tape Pumpkins

Do not feeling like to crave pumpkins this year? But they are also an integral part of Halloween celebration. So do not neglect them entirely and instead decorate them with washi tapes. It is quick and in the same manner easy to do and they will look amazing in the end.

washi tape pumpkin white

DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts

Cheese cloth ghost are super entertaining to make. They look very festive and consequently give the perfect spooky look to your Halloween decorations.

cloth ghost for halloween

Final Say

You will definitely enjoy making these above mentioned DIY Halloween decoration ideas that are very easy to make and will not cost you dimes. While you celebrate this spooky event do not forget about the scary Corona Virus that is still a threat to everyone’s health. Also consider safe ways to celebrate Halloween this year and take care of your loved ones too.