home upgrade ideas on budget

Some Budget Friendly Home Upgrades That Will Change Your Life

We all get bored after living in the same surrounding for months and years. Our eyes need change and we also need to adapt to the changing demands of our lifestyle and environment around us.

Some people like to upgrade their house regularly and some just avoid it as long as they can but upgrading becomes necessary after a certain period of time. And honestly the sooner you upgrade your things the lesser they cost you money.

Here are some budget friendly home upgrade ideas that will definitely add charm to your house and ease to your life.

Low Budget Home Upgrading Ideas

Install A Water Filtering Plant

Since tap water has become questionable for health, people have switched to bottled water since long. But it costs a fortune if we estimate the yearly expense of bottled water.

Instead of spending your hard earned money on bottled water simply install a water filter plant in your house. You’ll have clean drinking water at any hour of day you want and it definitely costs you less money.

under sink water filters


Install A Low Cost Stair Runner

If you have little ones in your house (or even if you don’t) then stair runner is necessary for your house. It will keep them from slipping off the stair and getting injured. On other hand it looks classy.

Cover them up with red coloured runner to give a royal look or a patterned runner to give a chic look , there are always  endless options to choose from.

install a stair runner


Install A Dishwasher

Upgrade your house by installing a dishwasher. Most people already have it but you can also install an upgraded eco-friendly version that conserves water.Plus it will also save your time.

You should call a professional to install or repair a dishwasher or any other appliances in your kitchen.




Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A New Look

New cabinets give a fresh look to the kitchen. Installing new cabins may cost a lot so a budget friendly opinion is to paint them. All you need is paint, paint brushes, sandpaper. Paint them as you wish and it will make your kitchen look good as new.


give your cabinets A NEW LOOK


Install A Layer Of Insulation

Leaving your place is so difficult let alone setting your foot on the ice cold floor and getting a freezing shock. To give yourself a soft and warm place to put your feet on, install a cork floor.It is stylish, durable and pocket friendly as compared to typical wooden floor. It will give your place a cozy aura.


floor insulation


Install A Bathroom Vent Fan

As simple as it sounds, just like bathroom lights, vent fan should not be underestimated. They are quite useful and cheap. Install one in your bathroom vent fans and as a result it will save you dimes.

It will eliminate fogged-up windows and steamy mirrors. The fan will ventilate the area, expelling all the foul air out and consequently keeping the bathroom fresh. Vent fan will also prevent molds from growing, removal of which can cost you many bucks. And not removing it can cause many health issues.


bathroom with a vent fan


Paint The Walls

Walls comprise a greater area of the house and any change in them can add a significant change in your house. One simple step to upgrade the look of your house is to paint the walls.

Change in colour of the walls will definitely change the entire environment of the room. You can go monochrome for your walls or you can also choose bright colours. You can use easy-to-clean or washable wall paints if you have little toddlers who are always scribbling something here and there.


paint the wall


Final Say

Our sweet home is the place we think of whenever we want rest, warmth and love. Our above given budget friendly ideas to upgrade your house will definitely help you to keep your home up to date and place to love and go back to always.