Simple Methods To Make Your Floor Shine

Simple Methods To Make Your Floor Shine

Floor is the basic and integral part of the house or any building. Either it is your sweet home, bathroom or office or a restaurant, a dirty or worn out floor can make people dislike your place even before looking at the beautifully decorated walls or the chic interior.

Keeping your floor tidy and good as new is a real task. Worry not! We are here sharing very simple yet effective methods to make your floor shine like a diamond.


stain removal before and after


Cleaning Lime Stone Floor

Limestone is a very popular option for flooring especially where there is heavy traffic. If this type of floor is sealed properly it can be proved quite durable. To clean limestone floor neutral cleansers should be used. The floor must be sealed in a proper way and polished to enhance its shine.




Steps for Cleaning

Remove Visible Dirt

  1. The first step to clean this type is floor is to remove all the visible dirt from it.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.
  3. Do not use harsh brushes or scrubs for cleaning hence it will damage this type of floor.
  4. If you do not take good care while cleaning then this kind of floor can easily be scratched.


clean floor with microfiber



After removing visible dirt, the floor should be mop the floor meticulously.

  1. Always dilute the detergent with water before applying on limestone floor (calciferous stone washers are good options).
  2. As mentioned before, one should only use neutral cleaners.
  3. One should not let the detergent or water pool on the floor.
  4. One must use an adequately wet mop only.




Sandstone Floor

Sandstone floor is porous in nature so it easily absorbs liquid. Stains appear easily on it and quickly become prominent.This type of floor can be used where there is less traffic, less chances of getting dirt and spillage.


sandstone floor


Steps for Cleaning

The steps to clean sandstone floor are

  1. Sweep the dirt by using a damp rag.
  2. Do not use dripping wet rag. If the water is absorbed in the floor then consequently this means the tiles are not sealed properly.
  3. Do not use acidic cleaner in any case because it will make the surface of tiles more porous and as a result the floor will worn out in no time.
  4. Dishwasher soap diluted with water is a good choice for cleaning sandstone tiles.
  5. No abrasive cleaning technique must be used as it will decrease the life of the tiles.
  6. Do not let the water pool up on the floor while cleaning (or in any other case) as it will make the floor prone to scratches.



How to Avoid Ugly Stains on Sandstone floor

  1. Dab a clean rag on the spill immediately.
  2. Dabbing is the key; if you dab then it would not cause big stains.
  3. One should not wipe the spillage. If you do so, it will spread it further making the stain even bigger and uglier.
  4. Paste of Baking soda and water works like magic for stains on a floor like this.

stain on floor


Some Extra Tips to extend the life of Floors

All natural stones are porous which makes them vulnerable to wearing and staining. So some extra tips are

  1. You should hire a stone polishing company once in every three months.
  2. You should arrange the Resealing the floor every three to five years.


Limestone Before AND After Polishing

Final Say

Keeping your floor always shiny and tidy is a demanding task but it is not impossible. If you put in some effort and follow our tips then you will get greater results. And taking right decisions and on right time about upgrading and renovating your house will definitely cut your cost.