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Pretty Fall Plants And Flowers To Update Your Garden This Season

Your garden looks gloomy and colourless as the vibrant season of summer says goodbye and autumn enters in but not this year. There are so many pretty flowers that can be grown in autumn that will definitely add life to your yard. These plants yield pretty flowers but are tough enough to with stand the frosty nights and will with stay till the end of winter making those chilly days more colourful and romantic.

Updating your garden this season will definitely count in for updating your house as well. You can choose from a variety of flowers having vibrant shades of reds, yellows and oranges to subtle hues of purples, whites and pinks. We are sharing you the list of top most beautiful flowers that you can grow this autumn in your garden.

Plants and Flowers to Update your Garden


This beautiful cold-loving flower gives you option of white, magenta and crimson shade to choose from. It will not only add colour but also a subtle sweet fragrance to your garden that will as a result certainly fill up the autumn breeze with sweetness.



Rudbeckia flowers are commonly known as black-eyed Susans. They look like the cousin of daisy flower. It easily thrives in dry areas. Rudbeckia are yellow in colour and they are drought resistant plant.


Cyclamen Hederifolium

Cyclamen Hederifolium is a tuberous. They are very elegant looking flowers and will surely make your garden more pleasing to the eyes. These are usually pink, purple or white flowers. It is widely cultivated in woodland, shrub land and rocky areas.

Cyclamen Hederifolium


Chrysanthemums have a nick name ‘mums’. They have a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. It ranges from light hues like white, pink, purple, peach to dark and bright crimson, magenta, orange and reds. You can easily grow them in containers so choose it without any fear if you do not have a big place.


Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a very useful plant. Its flower have yellow string like structure attached to the center of the flower. It is a low maintenance requiring plant. It grows well on its own. The extract from its bar is very useful healing remedy for skin. In other words it is used as a remedy for acne, scars and pigmentation or it is also used as a general skin toner for face.

witch hazel

Spider Lily

Spider lilies have another name ‘surprise lilies’. They are named so because they bloom out of nowhere after a heavy autumn rain. these flowers are vibrant red or white in colour. As their name suggests, they look like a spider because they have numerous anthers protruding out like spider legs.

spider lily white

Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale is a star of autumn garden. Keep watering it regularly and as a reward you will get beautiful vibrantly coloured purple and green hued leaves arranged in a flower like array.

ornamental kale


Asters are little daisy-like flowers. They are light purple in colour and love lots of water and sunlight. Little Daisy look-a-likes add a magical charm to the garden especially in winters. Their subtle purple shade complements the frosty season perfectly.


Sedum Autumn Joy

These are vibrant coloured stems having red shades. They also bloom in pretty purple and pink shades. Sedum adds joy and colour to your autumn yard. They also attract butterflies and bees so they are great pollinators.

sedum autumn joy red

Russian Sage

Russian sage is a must have in your garden this autumn because it has a very amazing fragrance. It is a purple-coloured attractive foliage. It will discreetly blend in with other fall plants in your yard hence making it one step ahead from your neighbouring gardens.

Russian sage


Heliopsis’s common name is ‘false sunflower’. They are no less beautiful than real sunflowers. Just grow them and enjoy the sight of golden sunflower look-a-likes in autumn and winter too which will as consequently add warmth to the garden.


Iberis Autumn Beauty

Iberis autumn beauty  gives you an appealing sight of pristine white flowers over the glossy evergreen plants. It is the best choice for using as cascading over a rock walls or as an edging plant.

iberis autumn beauty

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller have silvery stems that compliment the aura of autumn perfectly. It blends in with other plants very well for container garden ideas as well as open big gardens and yards. As mellow as it may look but having it will definitely enhance the look of your garden.

dusty miller

Purple Fountain Grass

Grow this beautiful purple coloured grass at the back of your garden to enhance the charm of your garden.It looks prettier than the natural grass. This grass is perfect to pair with other fall plants likes rudbeckia, flowering kale, ornamental cabbage and pansies.

purple fountain grass


Celosia is also known as ‘cockscomb’ because of the look they give when they bloom.. These flame-like flowers have bright pink, yellow, orange and red shades. Therefore, they will definitely spice up your yard or garden this autumn.



Final Words

By Fall season it does not mean that your garden or yard has to fall in beauty too. We have given you  tons of options of vibrant to subtle hued flowers and plants to grow this season and make your place eye-catching and attractive. This will surely add delight to your house and your life as well.