Quartz VS Granite Countertops

Quartz VS Granite Countertops: How To Choose Right Kitchen Countertop

The most popular kitchen countertop choice among people is quartz and granite. They both are durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, this is the most popular question asked and people are often confused about which one to choose for their kitchen. There are some significant differences between the two and also both have their pros and cons.

Their differences vary in the

  • Costs
  • Appearance
  • Maintenance
  • Strength
  • Heat and moisture resistance
  • Install and maintain easily

This guide will help you to make a final decision about whether to choose quartz or granite for your kitchen countertop.

1- Manufacturing

Granite is a completely natural stone. It is directly obtained from the earth. Granite blocks are sliced into slabs and have to be polished to look presentable. On the other hand, Quartz is not as natural as granite. It is an engineered stone. They are mixed with 7% of resins, pigments, and other materials as well.

Granite color ranges from whites, black, and green. Whereas, quartz is available in almost any color you want. The most common Quartz preference is white with light grey and beige highlights. So the debate of quartz vs granite countertop comes to either you prefer naturally made stone or engineered stone.

2- Strength

Quartz is stronger than granite and is the strongest material on earth. It is engineered to be strong and unbreakable and highly resistant to cracking. It is less prone to break while installing because of all the resins used in it which makes it a flexible material than natural stone.

But granite is also not a weak material. Only a sledgehammer or a heavy object at a certain angle will be able to crack the stone. So, you have to keep this too in mind before making a choice.

3- Maintenance And Cleaning

Granite is more prone to staining as this material is both: porous and natural stone. Porous stones allow the liquid to pass-through and get into the material. This stains the stone permanently. Granite needs to be sealed at least once a year to keep it maintained and clean.

Comparatively, quartz is more stain resistant. Resealing is not necessary for quartz countertops. To remove the stain it must be cleaned with soap and water immediately. Although be careful about the products that you use since certain chemicals present in quartz react with the chemicals present in the cleaning product. Therefore, read the instructions mentioned on the label with concentration.

4- Heat Resistance

The UV rays from the sunlight don’t affect the granite as it is a natural stone. If you love a sunny kitchen or want the countertop for the outdoors area then you should definitely go with granite. Quartz stone, however, fades and discolored over time in direct sunlight. Therefore it is important to keep the quartz countertop away from the sunlight approach. It doesn’t do good with heat and humidity.

5- Moisture Resistance

A well-sealed granite is very much resistant to moisture as well as staining. However, if the sealing is not strong anymore, then the granite will become susceptible to moisture. Conversely, quartz is man-made and it is non-porous. It doesn’t absorb any moisture. However, you need to be careful and should wipe the spills quickly to avoid discoloration.

6- Cost

Furthermore, the most important thing is the price of both the countertops. Granite countertops cost ranges from $40-$75 per sq ft.  There are three different categories of granite countertops types and the price varies. There are exotic, rare, and expensive granite countertops. The total price amount depends on the cutouts, total square feet, edging, and labor. The price usually adds up to $3500.

Whereas, quartz price ranges from $55-$75 per sq ft. High-quality quartz costs almost $100 and up per sq ft. including everything, the price adds up to $3800.

7- Resale value

Granite has a classic look to it. It has various colors and patterns. Homeowners immediately buy this countertop. Therefore, it is safe to say that granite has a 100% original resale value.

The same goes for quartz countertops, it gives out an elegant look and homeowners readily buy it. You can easily get close to your initial investment on these countertops.

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It all comes down to your personal choices and preference. You can also ask the experiences of other people with either of the countertops. It also depends on the budget you have and what exact look are you going for with your home interior design.