Concrete countertop

Kitchen Countertops Comparison: Granite VS Concrete

Concrete countertop
Concrete countertop

Putting your ideal kitchen together is not an easy task, especially when your countertop is still missing. There are many ideas to cover it up but it must suit your overall interior and setting. Some people prefer bold colors and some might choose textures over color. But what you need to understand is that you don’t renovate your kitchen every day. It is probably a lifetime opportunity to set your kitchen that you can bear it over a decade. A wrong selection will cost money and time. Below you can find a granite vs concrete comparison to make a better selection.

Natural VS. Man Made Counter-top

People usually focus on the countertop because it can make your kitchen look classy or unpleasant. This is why a wise selection is required before you order an installation. If you enjoy being close to nature, then you might enjoy the natural granite patterns as well. But if you are more into customized things then concrete options can be explored. Whatever may be the selection it has to fit your interior setting.

1- Maintenance Facts

This could be a decisive factor while choosing between granite and concrete. No one wants to suffer from maintenance problems. The kitchen remodeling with granite offers easy maintenance as compared to concrete. If it is broken it can be replaced with a whole new piece of granite and you don’t need to damage anything else. But the damage on concrete countertop could be a bigger problem. You’ll probably need a pro to get it repaired.

2- Heat Resistance Comparison

A countertop selection will also depend on your cooking style. If you have a habit of putting hot stuff right on your kitchen top, then you should be careful. The granite is a very good heat resistant as compared to the concrete. The concrete has good resistance as well but if it keeps tolerating heat for a very long time then it might crack. If you don’t do too much heating style cooking, then concrete can still do fine within your setting.

3- Color Options For Countertops

You can say concrete is the champion of this contest. A large variety of colors make it an easy fit for any type of kitchen decor. You can have your concrete kitchen countertop in any color available in the market. You can even create patterns with it. Whereas, granite doesn’t offer this versatility. There are always a few options. It is not even guaranteed that the color of your ordered granite plate would be similar to the sample you have seen while ordering.

4- Scratching Issues Of Countertops

Granite rules this battle. Naturally, it is a type of material that resists scratch. The concrete on the other end could be damaged easily and you would often need a repair. The issue becomes greater when you can’t find the same color as you have in your kitchen. It is due to the color revolution. It is not like colors just vanish from the market but as new colors come in the market the old ones become less demanded so the shops stop ordering them. But still, if you find a good painter he can always make an exact match by mixing.

Granite countertop
Granite countertop

5- Installation Costs

The granite is super easy to handle. You just order the size of granite stone and it comes properly finished with the exact size and you just adjust it over the top. As a result, no excessive costs. But concrete needs special labor and production machinery for installation. Everything has to be mixed in proper proportion to give it proper color and strength. So, the overall cost can be comparatively more.

6- Availability Of Materials

Whatever your selection might be the availability of materials for both granite and concrete is important. The concrete takes a lead here because you can also use recycled material to create a new concrete countertop. The granite doesn’t offer such feasibility. Once it is cracked it has to be replaced with a new one, or else you would have to compromise with the cracked countertop.

7- Shape And Size Differences

This is probably the most common issue that you should focus on while making decisions about the countertop. Granite may have scored a number on concrete in the above discussion but the big flaw with it is that it doesn’t come in all sizes. If you have a big countertop, then you probably need to order more than one piece.


Summing it all up, granite and concrete both are very good options for kitchen countertop installation. Of course, there are some limitations with both of the materials. This is why a balance has to be found. Choosing one type may not satisfy you. Some consequential modifications could be needed in your kitchen. No matter what you choose, it must have the qualities of a good look and you should feel relaxed while cooking.